There’s a Dog in the House was selected as a finalist for the Alliance of Purebred Dog Writers (APDW) Arthur Awards in the non-fiction category.


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Do-it-Yourself and Do it for Your Dog

It’s nice to see that people are interested in making things for their dogs. There’s plenty of free info available on the Internet about how to make homemade dog food, dog treats, and dog toys. And if you are into dressing your dog or at least keeping him warm in the winter many sites contain free patterns for dog clothes and coats.

One of Lena's many coats.....

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Dog of the Week

Check out this image on the Dog of the Week page.

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Happy New Year

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The Joy of Dogs

Winter Solstice

Today in the northern hemisphere we celebrate the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Tomorrow brings the beginning of winter and the return of the sun as each day grows longer. It’s a good time to be inside with family, friends and dogs.  I am grateful for the joy that all of my dogs (past and present) bring to me.  My love for dogs is boundless and includes all dogs: big ones, small ones and every size and shape in between. Continue reading

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Indoor Dog Toilets

Temporary Solutions

There may be a point in your dog’s life when it is necessary for him to temporarily eliminate indoors. Illness, injury, surgery, and old age all qualify as good reasons for allowing a dog to eliminate indoors. Most often these situations require a temporary solution.

Our dog Teddy developed advanced kidney disease that caused him to urinate frequently. It was often difficult for him to get outdoors in time so he started to urinate in the house. He picked one location and at first we spent a lot of time cleaning the floor. Soon, we decided that this was one case where training wasn’t going to work so we needed to manage the situation. I placed a piece of plastic on the floor and used two pool “noodles” to prop up the sides. This kept the urine from flowing off of the plastic. It also prevented overspray when Teddy lifted his leg to urinate. Since Teddy was a small dog one end was left open for easier access.

Temporary Indoor Dog Potty

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Lessons Learned from Camp

Knowing your Dog

Boathouse Camp Unleashed

Over Labor Day weekend I gave a presentation on “Living With Dogs” based on my recently published book “There’s a Dog in the House” at Camp Unleashed in Becket, Massachusetts. It was my fourth Camp Unleashed. I attended the inaugural CU in 2004 with Teddy, both Teddy and Lena in 2005 and then once again with Lena in 2007. This time our Sheltie Quinn accompanied me. Continue reading

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