There’s a Dog in the House:

A Practical Guide for Creating Today’s Dog-Friendly Home

Using the principles of sustainable design Nancy Chwiecko and Amy Fernandez provide relevant information about innovations in building materials and products and raise awareness regarding hidden health risks in certain materials. Many dogs spend more time inside the home than human occupants, and owners are seldom aware of the levels of household toxins their dogs inhale, ingest and absorb topically.

There’s a Dog in the House will help owners make sound choices regarding design alternatives, building materials, furniture and finishes, construction and repair options and cleaning products. Each one is presented in terms of durability, longevity, environmental impact and safety to help readers make cost effective and ecologically sound choices. Every chapter features product recommendations, safety concerns and tips to keep your home organized. The book is intended to assist homeowners seeking to create a harmonious co-existence with dogs.

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