The Dickens

Artist Father John Giuliani of the Benedictine Grange monastic community in Redding, CT.

Dog lovers, particularly those of us who love terriers, will love the new book and exhibit at the Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum in Big Horn, Wyoming.  The art exhibit features artwork of a Wire Hair Fox Terrier named Dickens. 28 artists participated in the exhibit.

Pat and Barbara Brinton, ca. 1929, Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum Archives

Dickens taking a break

The inspiration came from a photo that was found of Bradford Brinton’s twin daughters with a fox terrier and the illustrations of wire hair fox terriers  by Margaret Kirmse in the museum collection. And of course we can’t forget the primary inspiration, Dickens himself! “Dickens” is  the museum curator’s wire hair fox terrier.

Leah and Dickens read together

The exhibit runs until October 31, 2012. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Wyoming though. The artwork can be enjoyed in the companion book “The Dickens of the Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum.” The book is available through the museum.

Illustration by artist Paul Waldum

Cover Illustration by artist Allan Mardon

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