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Dog of the Week – Antique Dog Photos All images are from the collection of  Nancy Chwiecko. If you wish to use any image on this site please provide a link back to this site Or include this attribution: “From the collection of Nancy Chwiecko: .” Click on an image to enlarge it.


May 26, 2013

Cabinet Card c. 1890 of a Flat Coated Retriever

flat coat retriever?_______________________________________________________________

May 5, 2013

8 x 10 image of a Boston Terrier from the 1950’s?

Boston Terrier 1950's?

Boston Terrier 1950’s?

April 21, 2013

CDV Two Hounds c. 1890 by Harald Bogh, Odense, Denmark

CDV c. 1890 Two Hounds

CDV c. 1890 Two Hounds


April 14, 2013

CDV Hound c. 1890 by Harald Bogh, Odense, Denmark

CDV 1890 Harald Bogh, Odense, Denmark

CDV 1890 Harald Bogh, Odense, Denmark


April 7, 2013

Cabinet Card Terrier c. 1890 W. Humphries

Begging Terrier Cabinet Card c. 1890

Begging Terrier Cabinet Card c. 1890


March 17, 2013

Terrier, CDV c. 1890 Atelier Mariette, Josef Fibl, Wien

CDV c. 1890

CDV c. 1890


March 10, 2013

CDV c. 1890 F.S. Mann, 13 Wellington Place, Hastings`

Contributions solicited


March 4, 2013

My scanner was not working – sorry for the missing Dog of the Week photos!

CDV size image c. 1890 of a terrier

CDV size image c. 1890 of a terrier


February 3, 2013

Real Photo Post Card 1911

RPPC 1911

RPPC 1911


January 27, 2013

Skye Terrier c. 1920

Skye terrier on chair


January 20, 2013

Real Photo Post Card c. 1910

RPPC c. 1910

RPPC c. 1910


January 13, 2013

Beautiful large dog on a chair c. 1910 RPPC.

big dog on chair


Happy New Year

January 6, 2013

Homemade card “Nuremberg Mrs. Jones of Jellybag”? c. 1900

Mrs. Jones of Jellybag? c. 1900

Mrs. Jones of Jellybag? c. 1900


December 29, 2012

CDV c. 1890 of a handsome hound

Hound, CDV. c. 1890

Hound, CDV. c. 1890


December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Real Photo Post Card Pekingese Christmas 1924

Reverse side reads:

“To Louis & Horace. One of my treasures to wish you everything that is good. With love from us all at Fairy Glen. Xmas 1924”

RPPC 1924

RPPC 1924


December 16, 2012

Begging dog on chair c. 1920. This was one of the first dog photos I bought.

Begging Dog on Chair c. 1920

Begging Dog on Chair c. 1920


December 9, 2012

RPPC c. 1910 of a large dog on an Oriental carpet

Real Photo Post Card c. 1910

Real Photo Post Card c. 1910


December 2, 2012

CDV c. 1890 from Frankfurt, Germany

CDV of Terrier c. 1890

CDV of Terrier c. 1890


November 25, 2012

Real Photo Post Card “The Three Graces” dated 1.5.1912

Real Photo Postcard “The Three Graces” dated 1.5.1912


November 18, 2012

Cabinet Card of a Spitz c. 1905

Spitz c. 1905 Cabinet Card


November 11, 2012

Real Photo Post Card dated November 26, 1912.

RPPC 1912 “Seven Sisters” Border Collies?


November 4, 2012

Real Photo Postcard of a Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Real Photo Postcard c. 1920


October 28, 2012

Real Photo Postcard c. 1920 of a Pekingese in a boat

RPPC c. 1920 Pekingese in Boat


October 21, 2012

Real Photo Postcard c. 1910 of a large young dog on a chair.

RPPC c. 1910 Large dog on chair


October 7, 2012

Real Photo Postcard 1908. Inscription on the front reads:

“Brownie Carr. taken June 5th 1908”

Brownie Carr June 5th 1908


September 30, 2012

Manchester Terrier Cabinet Card c. 1910

Manchester Terrier c. 1910


September 23, 2012

Shetland Sheepdog in a boat. Cyanotype c. 1900. Cyanotype  refers to a photographic process invented in 1842. They are uncommon but not particularly rare.

Sheltie in a boat c. 1900 Cyanotype


September 16, 2012

1940s images of a Dachshund, signed Conklin, St. Louis

Dachshund, c. 1940 Conklin, St. Louis


September 10, 2012

CDV by Charles Taylor, Brixton Rise, London, S.W.

Inscription on the back ‘Blarney’ 1877

Blarney 1877 CDV


September 2, 2012

Beautiful Irish Setter from the early 1940s. Photographer unknown.


August 26, 2012

Back to School? Dog with books c. 1940. Photographer unknown.

Back to School?


August 19, 2012

“Bruno” mounted cabinet card c. 1910

“Bruno” c. 1910


August 12, 2012

Cabinet Card of a Collie c. 1900

Cabinet Card c. 1900 of a Collie


August 5, 2012

Lovely mounted image c. 1900 from the studio of CJ Smith, Portland, Maine

Reverse inscription reads “Uncle Iver’s Dog”

Cabinet Card c. 1900 CJ Smith, Portland, Maine


July 29, 2012

Real Photo Postcard c. 1915

“Kitten and Foster Mother”


July 22, 2012

CDV of a terrier (possibly a Miniature Pinscher) c. 1890, color added, from the Photographic School of Art, George Thompson & Menzies, London.


July 15, 2012

CDV of a Jack Russell Terrier c. 1880

CDV of a JRT c. 1880


July 8, 2012

CDV Dated May 1865 Rulofson’s Art Gallery, Sonora, CA, Daniel Sewell, Proprietor

CDV dated May 1865


July 1, 2012

Very small image from Bennett Art Studio, Chicago c. 1900

Bennett Art Studio c. 1900


June 24, 2012

CDV c. 1880 Richebourg, Paris

CDC c. 1880


June 17, 2012

Jack Russell Terrier

CDV c. 1880 from the Bedford Park Studio, London

CDV c. 1880 Bedford Park Studio, London


June 10, 2012

CDV 1903 German Spitz

Photographer C. Pietzner, Olmutz (or today Olomouc, Czech Republic)

CDV 1903 German Spitz


June 3, 2012

Beautiful white fluffy puppy.

CDV size photograph c. 1900 from Langford photographic studio in Fresno, CA. Pencil inscription on the back reads: “Our youngest”

Fluffy Puppy c. 1900 Photographer: Langford, Fresno, CA


May 27, 2012

Real Photo Postcard c. 1907

“Somme” Another terrier!

RPPC c. 1907 “Somme”


May 20, 2012

CDV of a terrier c. 1880 from the studio of Lawrence Lowe, St. John’s Wood, London.

Terrier CDV c. 1880 Lawrence Lowe


May 13, 2012

Collie Puppy “Rolland” From the studio of Karl Hintner, Salzburg, Austria dated December 20, 1909

CDV 1909 Collie Puppy


May 6, 2012

Pointer, Cabinet Card c. 1900, Auburn, NY

Pointer, Cabinet Card c. 1900


April 29, 2012

German Spitz – RPPC dated 1902 “the dog never forgets!”

German Spitz RPPC 1902, Chambourg, France

______________________________________________________________ April 22, 2012

A beautiful image of a small dog on top of a table captured by photographer James Russell, Chichester, UK in 1866. The back indicates that Russell won Honorable Mention at the International Exhibition of 1862in London. (not for this image).

CDV 1866 James Russell

_______________________________________________________________ April 15, 2012

Curly Coated Retriever c. 1890 Cabinet Card

Curly Coated Retriever c. 1890 Cabinet Card

________________________________________________________________ April 8, 2012

Cabinet Card c. 1890 of a white dog on a fur throw from the Stimson studio in Appleton, Wisconsin.

White Dog Cabinet Card c. 1890

__________________________________________________________________ April 1, 2012

The Patient

A real photo postcard from 1901 sent to someone in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The image depicts a little girl checking the dog’s pulse. The dog appears to be a border collie or English collie.

RPPC c. 1901

________________________________________________________________ March 25, 2012

Two lovely JRTs from Hungary. RPPC 1901.

Jack Russell Terriers RPPC June, 1901


March 18, 2012

CDV c. 1890 Small Dog on Table photographed in the studio of F.E. North, Rockville, Connecticut

CDV c. 1890 F.E. North, Rockville, CT

_______________________________________________________________ March 11, 2012


Real Photo Post Card c. 1910

Pointer and Tiny Dog c. 1910

______________________________________________________________ March 4, 2012

Real Photo Post Card c. 1910 Scotland

The simple message on the back has nothing to do with dogs but it evokes a sense of a particular day. “Dear David, We are having a lovely day here. We have left our coats with Mrs. Harley. Hope you are having a fine time. from Jessie.” It is addressed to Mr. D. Reid, Jr. in Edinburgh.

______________________________________________________________ February 26, 2012

Real Photo Post Card c. 1910, France. I thought this image was appropriate today because it ties in nicely with yesterday’s blog post “Beauty and The Bath”.

Bath Time RPPC c. 1910, France

______________________________________________________________ February 19, 2012

A CDV of a sweet little dog on a table from a the studio of Wertheim, Berlin, Germany c. 1890.

_______________________________________________________________ February 12, 2012

For Valentine’s Day Real Photo Post Card c. 1915 France

RPPC France


February 5, 2012

Terrier on a Table. CDV c. 1890 by William Miles & Company, Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts.

CDV c. 1890 Springfield, MA


January 29, 2012

CDV of a terrier photographed c. 1870 in the studio of Cyrus Voss Bark, Clifton, UK. The back side says “Photographer to Her Majesty the Queen and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.”

CDV c. 1870

________________________________________________________________ January 22, 2012

Skye Terrier? CDV of a Skye Terrier. Photographed by Robert Faulkner of Westbourne Grove, Bayswater West, Torquay, UK. circa 1870.

CDV Skye Terrier c. 1870


January 15, 2012

Pointer’s Pets

The flip side of this CDV reads “Packets of Pointers Celebrated photographs of cats and dogs from life can be sent to any address for selection.” Harry Pointer(1822-1889) resided in Brighton, England and was well known for his portraits of pets.

CDV c. 1885

_______________________________________________________________ January 8, 2012

Sweet Package

Look at the wonderful ears on this adorable little dog wrapped in a bow. This CDV c.1900 comes from Zwittau or Svitavy, Czech Republic.

CDV c. 1900 Czech Republic

_______________________________________________________________ January 1, 2011

I think this image is an appropriate one for the start of the New Year. I normally collect images of dogs alone, but occasionally I find a really great image of a dog and a child. This is one of my favorites.

Cabinet Card c. 1890

________________________________________________________________ December 25, 2011 Christmas Real Photo Postcard 1906 Back side reads: “With love from my pets and self to you both. Wishing you ALL a happy Christmas. Dec. 1906.”This is the masthead on my blog.

Christmas 1906 Terriers RPPC

________________________________________________________________ December 18, 2011

Christmas Card from 1907

A real photo Christmas postcard from 1907 of two adorable fluffy dogs on a bench. The backside reads: “Christmas, 1907. With Kind Thoughts and Best Wishes…for Christmas and the New Year. From Nellie La Tall. Shircliffe, Stepney Road, Scarborough.

Merry Christmas 1907 Real Photo Postcard

________________________________________________________________ December 11, 2011

Lovely Spitz perched on a cushion from the studio of RA Schlegel, Dresden, Germany. CDV c. 1880.

Spitz CDV c. 1880

________________________________________________________________ December 4, 2011

Beautiful dog with a bow from the studio of Endrey, Paris c. 1915.

Real Photo Postcard c. 1915 Endrey studio, Paris, France

________________________________________________________________ November 27, 2011

Two lovely terriers, Real Photo Postcard, c. 1910.

________________________________________________________________ November 13, 2011

Beautiful image of a terrier puppy c. 1915 from “The Elliotts” Studio of Austin, Texas

Terrier Puppy c. 1915

____________________________________________________________________ November 6, 2011

CDV c. 1890 of a Spaniel on a pedestal.

Spaniel CDV c. 1890

__________________________________________________________________ October 30, 2011

A beautiful dog photographed in the Berlin studio of Grundner & Abich in 1896.

Beautiful Dog 1878

_____________________________________________________________ October 23, 2011

Another Japanese Chin? This CDV image was photographed by L. Alman in New York City c. 1870

________________________________________________________________ October 16, 2011

Studio portrait CDV of a Japanese Chin from 1900.

_________________________________________________________________ October 9, 2011

This Greyhound was photographed in the Burgess Studio, Chamberlain, South Dakota c. 1900. The name “Dandy” is penciled on the back side. Note the false backdrop painted in perspective complete with a plant, artwork, drape and rug!

_________________________________________________________________ October 2, 2011

The detail is wonderful on this image of a small dog on an ornate bench. Cabinet Card c. 1880 from Kingston, NY.

_________________________________________________________________ September 25, 2011

Real Photo Post Card c. 1910

Real Photo Post Card c. 1910

_________________________________________________________________ September 18, 2011

Vintage amateur photo from the 1920s or 30s set in a decorative cardboard matt.

Vintage photo Dancing Dog

_____________________________________________________________________ September 11, 2011

This is a real photo post card c. 1910 of Shetland Sheepdogpuppies.

Real Photo Post Card Sheltie Puppies

_____________________________________________________________________ September 4, 2011 

Backyard Circus

I was at Camp Unleashed in Becket, MA so I am posting this late. Be sure to check my blog this weekend for a new post relating to camp.This image shows 11 dogs sitting on overturned metal wash tubs in front of a farm house c. 1910.

Backyard Circus c. 1910

________________________________________________________________ August 28, 2011 (but two days later…)


Great image of a a Cairn Terrier wearing a hat from about 1910. ________________________________________________________________ August 21, 2011

Real Photo Post Card c. 1905 “English Shepherd?”

Is this an English Shepherd? He/she looks reminiscent of the typical “Farm Dog” found throughout the US in the 20th century. My father grew up with such a dog and they were simply known as “sheep dogs”.  This dog was photographed in the studio of Earl F. Held in Scranton, PA in front of an elegant backdrop. The owner appears to be standing at the left edge of the image. ________________________________________________________________ August 14, 2011

Manchester Terrier Real Photo Postcard c. 1905

A regal dog on his throne. This is a real photo postcard c. 1905 of what appears to be a Manchester Terrier. ________________________________________________________________ August 7, 2011

Gordon Setter Puppies 1908

Photo Postcard from 1908. The colors suggest that these puppies are Gordon Setters. The inscription under the photo reads: Lloyd! My dogs are prettier than your dog. Adella M. ________________________________________________________________ July 31, 2011Cabinet Card c. 1890 of a large dog (puppy?) photographed in the Mandeville studio in Lowville, New York.

Cabinet Card c. 1890 Large Dog

________________________________________________________________ July 24, 2011

CDV c. 1890

CDV c. 1890 of a small white dog perched on a chair covered with fabric. This appears to be in someone’s home and not in a photographer’s studio. ________________________________________________________________ July 17, 2011 Summer Comfort

Real photo postcard from 1907 of a puppy in a hammock, copyright 1906 by the Rotograph Co., NY. This image was part of a series of dog related postcards that were popular during that time. It’s very appropriate for the current heat weave we are experiencing this week. _____________________________________________________________________________ July 10, 2011

CDV of a begging dog photographed in the studio of Johnson, Waupun, Wisconsin c. 1880. ________________________________________________________________ July 4, 2011

Cabinet Card c. 1900 Vienna

Cabinet Card c. 1900 photographed by Eduard Strassnicky in Vienna. ________________________________________________________________ June 26, 2011

Pointer Cabinet Card c. 1900 Babylon, LI, NY

Pointer Cabinet Card of a beautiful Pointer from Babylon, Long Island, NY. c. 1900. This dog is King of Kent and he was owned by Westminster Kennel Club. ____________________________________________________________ June 19, 2011 Dachshund

Dachshund CDV c. 1900

CDV of a smooth Dachshund c. 1900. ___________________________________________________________ June 12, 2011

French Bulldog Real Photo Postcard c. 1905

French Bulldog This fabulous French Bulldog sitting on a beautiful wicker chair was probably photographed in a studio in France. Note the Badger fur collar that was popular on Frenchies in the late 1800s and early 1900s. At that time, French Bulldogs were popular models for papier-mache’ automatons that had moving parts. They often sported Badger fur collars too. Examples can be found in antique stores and online. ________________________________________________________________ June 5, 2011 Real Photo Post Card c. 1905 of two beautiful spaniels from Camden, Maine. ________________________________________________________________ May 29, 2011

Dog on Chair CDV c. 1900

This photo of a sweet looking dog on a chair was photographed c. 1900 in B. Winter’s Studio on Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. ________________________________________________________________ May 22, 2011

American Water Spaniel Cabinet Card c. 1890 W.H. Drake

American Water Spaniel The American Water Spaniel is the “State Dog” of Wisconsin. This Cabinet Card c. 1890. from Neillsville, Wisconsin shows an American Water Spaniel posing on a fake straw bale. The painted backdrop appears to be a woodland lake view. The photographer is W.H. Drake. ___________________________________________________________________ May 15, 2011

1903 CDV of a Spitz

Spitz CDV of a beautiful Spitz type dog photographed in the studio of Sigmund Bing in Vienna, Austria in 1903. ________________________________________________________________ May 8, 2011

Mastiff Cabinet Card c. 1880

Mastiff Cabinet Card Photo c. 1880 by JM White, Port Huron, Michigan.  The piece of white fabric behind his front legs suggest someone holding him who is hidden from view. ________________________________________________________________ May 1, 2011

English Spaniel Cabinet Card c. 1880

Cabinet Card c. 1880 of a lovely spaniel. Origin and photographer are unknown but I believe this image is from England. ________________________________________________________________ April 22, 2011

Real Photo Postcard c. 1910

Pekingese or Tibetan Spaniel? Beautiful image of a dog perched on a railing in a photographer’s studio. W.J. Neville, The Pier Studio, Felisxtowe. ___________________________________________________________ April 17, 2011

Tip Chases Cats c. 1915

Chasing Cats This real photo postcard from 1915 is addressed to Lawrence Rodine, City. The city is Stratford, Iowa and the photographer is Lander.  The inscription on the front was written by the dog Tip and says “I was down to the studio one morning. Had been chasing cats in the wet grass, see….inhaste Tip” We can see that Tip’s legs are wet. His tail in the air presents a sense of excitement. I love this photo because it makes me want to know more about Tip and “the Studio”. _________________________________________________________________ April 10, 2011

“Ziggy” CDV 1889

Ziggy was photographed in 1889 by H.B. Upton of Crystal Lodge, Petersham, Surrey. H.B. Upton was “Photographer to the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Mary”. In 1839 Edwin Landseer created a painting Princess Mary with a Landseer Newfoundland dog. _____________________________________________________________ April 3, 2011

Dog Wedding? Cabinet Card c. 1900

Vaudeville Act or Dog Wedding? 15 dogs on stage for what appears to be a dog wedding. This image is a Cabinet Card from about 1900. The words “ENTRADA AL CABARET” can be seen on the left side of the backdrop. _____________________________________________________________ March 27, 2011

Cabinet Card c. 1905

A well read dog. This cabinet card was created by the Sexton studio in Bushnell, Illinois in 1905. ______________________________________________________________________________ March 21, 2011

“Sancho” Basset Hound Cabinet Card c. 1890

Two Basset Hounds? Both of these dogs appear to be Basset Hounds. However, long hair is not part of the breed standard today even though they do occasionally occur. Both photos are Cabinet Cards from the 1890s. The first image of “Sancho”is by JJ Gibson from

“Bolivar” Basset Hound Cabinet Card c. 1890

Penge, London and the image on the right of “Bolivar” is by H. Wilbur of New York City. _________________________________________________________________________ March 14, 2011

Begging Dachshund c. 1905

Begging long-haired Dachshund. Real photo postcard c. 1905. _____________________________________________________________________________ March 6, 2011

Snoodles 11/23/1909

A real photo postcard of what appears to be an American Bulldog puppy. The inscription reads “11/23/1909, The Damn Dog. “Snoodles” 5 months old The card is addressed to Miss Gertrude Woods and postmarked in Los Angeles, CA. __________________________________________________________________________________ February 27, 2011

Dora, c. 1905

“Dora” as in adorable. This image is the size of a CDV and is  probably European from 1905.  Photographer unknown. ____________________________________________________________________________________ February 20, 2011 Six Saint Bernards These images were purchased as a lot of  six cabinet card photos taken between 1870 and 1890.  The dogs appear to be related although they were photographed in 3 different studios. Compare these dogs to modern Saint Bernards and you will see physical differences.  The information on the back of some of the photos indicates that these dogs were probably important breeding stock. The first dog, Castor, was owned by Heinrich Schumacher one of the first people responsible for recording his breeding.  

1. Castor, von Rhyn aus Barry III, born 1882


Photo Credits:

1 and 2 M. Vollenweider & Fils. Berne, Switzerland

3. Unknown


2. Odin on Lola Altels aus Max von Rychigen c. 1885

4.  Gebruder Taeschler Photographer St. Fiden-

St. Gallen, Switzerland

5. and 6. Emil Barth, Thun,


3. Hector von Mt. Velan aus Bernice II c. 1885

4. Saint Bernard c. 1885

6. Gemi, born 18 November 1886. R. Muller Arsenal, Thun, Switzerland

5. Loudanne born February 1872


February 13, 2011

Black Spaniel Real Photo Post Card c. 1910

The back side of this real photo postcard reads “Nutty, 9 mos. old”. Note the ball between the front paws. ____________________________________________________________________________________ February 6, 2011

Tony The American Dollar Dog, Cabinet Card c. 1900

A cabinet card by  G.W. Brown from Cheyenne, Wyoming circa 1900. Text on the back reads: “TONY, The American Dollar Dog,” is probably the only dog in the world that can tell the difference between an American dollar and a counterfeit or Mexican dollar. However incredible this may seem to many, it is nevertheless true and there has never been counterfeit dollar given him to test that he failed to detect. Any one doubting the above statement can be convinced by calling at the Jewelry Store of Geo. W. Brown, 17th st. Cheyenne, Wyo.” ____________________________________________________________________________________ January 30, 2011

White Terrier Cabinet Card c. 1880

This is a studio portrait of a little terrier by Fred S. Crowell of Mt. Vernon, Ohio. It’s a cabinet card froam the 1880s. _______________________________________________________________ January 23, 2011

Bingo Shows Off (1910)

A real photo postcard of a dog named “Bingo” from 1910. He looks like a Border Collie. The photographer is unknown. The message on the back of the card reads: “Excuse pencil my pen broke. Bingo was glad to see us. Am so glad to be feeling good. Arrived home safely had a delightful trip. I have been sick in bed for over a week, we feared typhoid fever at first but I feel a little better now. We were very happy to hear from you… Amelia” _______________________________________________________________ January 16, 2011

Bully on Chair c. 1910

Pitbull by unknown photographer. _______________________________________________________________ January 9, 2011

Dog on Bench, CDV 1883

This image of a beautiful mastiff perched on a bench in front of an outdoor painted backdrop was photographed in the studio of H. Fritz in Hamburg, Germany in 1883. _______________________________________________________________


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  1. I note that Dog of the Week 17 June 2012 is on a CDV taken at “Bedford Park Studio”. I am currently researching a very elusive photographer with the name Atlas Church and it may have been taken by him. Can you let me have a scan of the back of the CDV, where it may be that the name/address is hand written – as the two examples of his work I have seen have not been specially printed. In one case he had crossed out the printed name of another photographer and in the other the whole back is in copper-plate handwriting set out to look as if it had been printed.

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