Happy New Year


Quinn and Lena

Happy New Year.

I have taken a break from Home Design for Dogs but will be back soon with some new posts. Much has happened this year: I retired from teaching Interior Design at Rochester Institute of Technology and we moved from our home of 21 years and will soon be creating our next dog friendly home!  

So here’s to a great new year!

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This is a very short podcast that I did last year as part of an author spotlight but the link had been removed so you may not have heard it!

Nancy Podcast

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Dog Play Rooms

Original Dog Play Room with modular carpet (from There’s a Dog in the House: a Practical Guide for Creating Today’s Dog Friendly Home).

Dog Room with EVA foam tile flooring over carpet

The official start of Winter is rapidly approaching and soon many of us in colder areas of the world will be spending more time indoors. No matter where you live if it’s too cold, hot or wet outside, an indoor dog room is an ideal place for you and your dog to interact. Professional dog people are familiar with this concept but this is still a relatively new trend for most dog owners. The spaces range from separate areas to groom, train, exercise or just play with your dog and store all of the accessories associated with these activities.  Professionals often go one step further and build, buy or rent a space large enough for their chosen activities. If you can’t afford to create your own space many dog-training facilities rent spaces for an hourly fee.

Designing the perfect Dog Room for Play, Training and Fitness

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The Dickens

Artist Father John Giuliani of the Benedictine Grange monastic community in Redding, CT.

Dog lovers, particularly those of us who love terriers, will love the new book and exhibit at the Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum in Big Horn, Wyoming.  The art exhibit features artwork of a Wire Hair Fox Terrier named Dickens. 28 artists participated in the exhibit. Continue reading

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Convalescent Support for Your Dog

If your dog has had an injury, surgery or illness it can be a major disruption in your life.   The condition itself or treatment of the condition may cause other side effects, such as pain, neurological deficits, fatigue, urinary incontinence or physical disabilities. Most of these are temporary while your dog recovers, but sometimes the side effects can be permanent.

Lena wearing a sock over her bandaged leg

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Respect Your Dog’s Needs

What does your dog need?

It’s very tempting to create “cool” design solutions in our home that make it easier to hide unsightly items or because they use “wasted space”. One good example of this is a trend to place dog bowls in drawers under kitchen cabinets or in walls. The idea seems brilliant at first glance – when the dog is through eating the drawer can be closed and the bowls are out of the way.  But, is this really a sound solution for your dog? Continue reading

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Cat and Dog Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, there really is a vacuum cleaner called the “Cat and Dog” and it’s made by Miele.

A common question I get asked from dog owners is “what is the best vacuum cleaner?”. The answer is that there is no single “best” vacuum cleaner. People purchase a vacuum cleaner for many reasons and sometimes it has nothing to do with how well it cleans! Some people love their vacuum cleaner because it is lightweight and easy to carry up and down the stairs. Others like theirs because it is quiet or easy to empty.

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